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Multilingual string extraction and analysis solution

Catching a Quick analysis points and Judging a malicious type based on
the analysis and extraction of all possible strings in binary / source code.

Extract multilingual strings in source code

  • Apply locale of possible combination for multi-language string detection within malicious code
  • Batch analysis, detection and extraction of character sets and encoding for a variety of languages worldwide
UTF-8AllUnicode Transformation Format, Variable Length Format
CP949KoreaEUC - KR Sub-compatibility ; Extension of EUC - KR
EUC-KRKoreaExtended Unix Code, Use ASCII for English number, 2 bytes to express Hangul
China1 to 2 byte encoding for Traditional Chinese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau
ChinaGuobiao (Chinese national standard), using mainland China, Singapore
GB18030ChinaLatest version of Guobiao
HZChinaGB 2312 encoding, used for e-mail / USENET posting
SHIFT-JISJapanJapanese Industrial Standard
CP932JapanExtension of SHIFT - JIS with NEC special characters
TIS-620ThailandThai Industrial Standard 620-2533
VISCIIVietnamVietnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange, Variable length, combined vocal mask
Windows-1258VietnamA Microsoft-level Vietnamese language set employs a combination of phonetic symbols.