Trapwall | AMGINE


Intrusion Detection and Network Forensic

Ensure reliability as a basis for analyzing network infringement of major organizations
And functional verification for analysis.

DPI based Traffic analysis, and evidence collection

Real-time search support for the collection details

Traffic analysis, and evidence collection based on dpi

Detection of abnormal pattern and monitor anomaly

What Trapwall Can and Cannot


  • Precise analysis of new threats based on file extraction and forensics (transferable)CAN
  • Pattern-based detection and detailed threat per-session information via ThreatFlow
  • Analysis of service access log based on Advanced Log Generator
  • Analysis and report on anomaly signs and behaviors
  • Establish a preliminary identification and response strategy for infringement trial group

Can not

  • No blocking function against infringement
  • It has nothing to do with attack blocking and blocking function
  • Distance to security equipment such as DLP for information leak prevention
  • Long-term traffic trafficking requires custom support for archiving purposes
  • Visibility into cryptographic traffic Needs customized support when needed