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Cybercrime Resource Search System


Normalization searching system for Cybercrime Resources

Unify the sperated crime resource process steps

Performing the procedures for cybercriminals resources through a unified searching User Interface

What is the merits with ASTA

Simultaneous learning platform for attacks and response procedures

  • Integrated security work process training from attack to detection and response
  • Platform that can organize and learn various operation of equipment and log in one flow

Flexible use of attacks and response training areas

  • Establishment of basic platform for Redteam / Blueteam / Purpleteam operation
  • Complete Blueteam-specific analysis, investigation and response process

Scenario-based training content composition

  • Content and flow structure based on attack and defense scenarios
  • Development of curriculum for effective education based on educational objectives, level and goals

Advanced security education and training through building next-generation security technology education system

  • attack and defense and enterprise security work process learning
  • Overcoming limitations of fragmented security education and developing integrated thinking about security
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