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At Amgine Securus we strive to protect our customers with best-in-class solutions and services needed to win the cyberwar. That’s why customers in Korea trust Amgine Securus and our suite of secure application services.

Products & Services


The Engine Designed for Insightful Investigation
Extensive and Automated Analysis on Resources Abused in Cyber Breach and Effective Historical Data Management, Linkage Analysis.


Traffic collection and analysis system
Advance prevention of intruder attack through managing reconnaissance traffic of local network intruder.


Integrated Honeynet Appliance Technology
Honeynet technology to spy out the purpose of intrusion and analyze inducement of actual attacks with relation to hacking attempt.


Multi-Dimensional View for Proactivity
Predictive analysis of cyber infringement and resuting proactive corresponding information.


Intelligent Phishing Detection and Response System
Applying a normalized access process to detect phishing sites and linkage analysis technology based on domain normalization.


Innovative Platform for Advanced Security Training Academy
Advanced security education and training through building next-generation security technology education system.


Home network and privacy technology
Home IoT devices, information interception and unnecessary synchronization, etc. Information leakage and exposure detection and response technology.

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Competences & Capabilities


Dig deep to find the best solutions, attack problems with difference perspectives.


Prohibit immorality such as conflicts of interest, corruption, bribery and fraud.


Embrace the value of collaboration to exceed and eliminate the impossible.


Believe that there is always a track to do something better or new.

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We work together with brands to craft strategies along with a unique and innovative digital approach.
We thrive on collaborating with clients who are looking to push the limits and think outside the box.

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