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What Makes Us Special

The core competencies are accumulated through a great deal of experiences
in developing unique solutions in the fields of digital forensics analysis.


Measure Correlations and Drive Responses against Heterogeneous Threat Resources
Extensive and Automated Analysis on Resources Abused in Cyber Breach and Effective Historical Data Management, Linkage Analysis.


Retrospect Incident and Harness the Power of Network Forensics
Advance prevention of intruder attack through managing reconnaissance traffic of local network intruder.


Unblock Threats and Keep Tracking Actors
Honeynet technology to spy out the purpose of intrusion and analyze inducement of actual attacks with relation to hacking attempt.


Innovative Platform for Advanced Security Training Academy
Advanced security education and training through building next-generation security technology education system


The Only Universal Phisher Tracer in the Server-side Appliance
Applying a normalized access process to detect phishing sites and linkage analysis technology based on domain normalization


Predictive Response with AI-powered Threat Resources Normalization
Predictive analysis of cyber infringement and resuting proactive corresponding information.


Multilingual Intelligence for Global-Scale Security
A technology to acquire analytical points and judge malicious elements through extraction and analysis on binary code character strings.


Domain Whois Information Standardization Module
Global threat domain registration information acquisition and standardization to secure the ability to respond to intrusion.


An Enterprise-grade Cyber Guardian for Private Area
Home IoT devices, information interception and unnecessary synchronization, etc. Information leakage and exposure detection and response technology

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