Multi-Dimensional View for Proactivity

 Feel the intangible and eliminate the impossible.
Predictive analysis of cyber infringement and resuting proactive corresponding information.

ForeTarget Features

Differentiation points

  • Registrant monitor : Monitor the activity of a suspicious individual or organization
  • Infringement history profiling technique : Notification when a new or deleted domain occurs in the monitored name server
  • IP monitor : Notification when a connection domain occurs for the monitored IP address

Analysis of history of infringement accidents
– Confirm information on past history and operation status of source of malicious code / C2 that was exploited in case of an infringement accident
– Resolution of inability to analyze due to volatility of infringing resources such as threat domain / IP

Pre-check and block malicious resources
– Make pre-catalog of domain/IP used for subsequent attacks from malicious domain/IP
– List information about actors who buy and operate malicious domain/IP

Monitoring attack activity of infringing resources
– Real-time monitoring of attacker’s infringing resource operation status and change history
– Extract information necessary for alarming and proactive response to infringement resource changes