Intelligent Phishing Detection and Response System

Applying a normalized access process to detect phishing sites and linkage analysis technology based on domain normalization.

Specialties of Wharph

Attack source history and asset management

Unable to analyze the association between the past history of phishing attacks and breaches

Overcoming Disagreements between Detection and Response

Requires a separate platform or automated process to respond and report on detected phishing domains

Unified Support for Security Operations

Phishing incident detection – Analysis – Response-Response – enables organic handling of administrative processes for rapid and accurate response processing

Expectation effectiveness of Wharph

  • Improve the agility and quality of your phishing site
  • Provides an effective tracking of a wide range of phishing resources
  • Gain effectiveness in monitoring phishing through a comprehensive visualization of the status information for a variety of collection channels
  • Gain a message-response infrastructure based on discovery and comparative analysis

Wharph Architecture